Introducing Doug’s other cousin, Tom Tunneller Dung Beetle

Doug dung beetle's tunneller cousinIntroducing Doug Dung Beetle’s other cousin – Tom Tunneler.  You may recall from previous posts there are three types of dung beetles: Rollers (Doug), Dwellers and Tunnellers. Well, this is the full set of Doug’s  extended family.  Tunnellers like to dive deep into dung, then start tunnelling their way through the dung and deep into the earth below. not only does this provide a nice safe home for the beetle, it also acts as a breeding spot for the little baby dung beetle eggs.  Unfortunately for Tom, methane gas is explosive.


Not more toilet humour!

Doug dung beetle tried convincing junior to eat his pooA relative of mine unwittingly handed this one to me on a silver platter when in casual conversation they referred to some purée,but pronouncing it as poo-rée. I’ll protect the innocent, and they shall remain nameless.

Is your home possibly more dung beetle friendly than you initially thought?

Dweller dung beetle sourcing its latest egg laying locationI thought it time to explore a few more traits of the delightful dung beetle. The first time I introduced Doug dung beetle’s dweller dung beetle cousin I provided some insight into the life of the dweller versus the roller.  Dweller dung beetles don’t really set up residence in dung (well not the adult that is). Instead, they see it as the ideal incubating location for their offspring and lay their eggs deep within a nicely sized dropping of freshly laid dung.

After completing this cartoon, I began to wonder how close to the possible truth this cartoon could be. I mean, I know dung beetles eat dung (derr!), but more importantly, whose dung? My research lead me to this article which summarises the research of some scientists who took it upon themselves to discover what different types of dung, the dung beetle enjoys. But to summarise, given the opportunity, dung beetles actually prefer exotic poo and human and chimpanzee poo is top of the list.

So now you’ve been warned. Keep your eyes peeled next time you enter your bathroom.