Join me in an online experiment

Help me sky rocket the charts & click to download my new free iBook, ‘How to make an alien activity book’

And yes I realise not everyone has an iPad, so if you have friends with children who you think would enjoy this, then send them this link.

Free kids activity book on alien for iPad

Yes, I’m still here at the bottom of the image in the hope that if you haven’t clicked yet, you’ll do so now with a bit more patient prodding.

Those of you who have followed my site over the last 4 years know that I don’t go shoving my stuff down your throat (very often). So, if you’ve enjoyed my work so far, your finger clicking help would be appreciated as the e-world is a tough environment to crack. If you really want to make my day, then rate it on iBooks too.

So, back to the experiment. You’ll be able to check in live to see if the eBook is making traction. Once I have 5 ratings, there should be an overall rating displayed in the iBook Store. (Why 5 – well, even Google was a bit stumped on what number it was and the best it could find was ‘hear say’ on forums). Anyway, together let’s see what happens.

Are you in? Then click now.


Stranded on a desert planet

the desert island SOSSo, if you were SOS, what 3 things would you bring (well yes, that assumes you could plan)?

Best golf game ever

I’ve never been a big fan of golf. I guess I dislike the idea of chasing a silly little white ball around…..but, an intergalactic golf course, with golf ball eating black holes – now that’s what I call fun!

Graveyard robbery

Deep outer space black hole

Find alternate energy sources for your car and save

How aliens refuel in spaceYou may recall an earlier cartoon involving our Evil Pink Aliens and the giant gas planet Jupiter.

Jupiter is the largest gas planet in our solar system. It’s made up of approximately 90% hydrogen and 10% helium, with a sprinkling of methane, water, ammonia and rock dust.


More useless space signs

OK, OK, don’t worry.  I’ve run out of space sign humour (for now).

Can’t get enough? Well  for a trip down memory lane, here are the first four.

The hazard sign at the end of the universe

I wonder if Ben stopped to dine in the restaurant just next door to this useful sign, and patiently awaited further expansion of the universe?  Ever read the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Universe? I loved it. The second book in the trilogy of 5 books is ‘The Restaurant at the End of the Universe’.

And for a bit of trivia. Fans of the Hitch Hikers story celebrate the author Douglas Adams on 25 May each year, by carrying the ‘Do not panic’ towel.  To find out more about the significance of the towel, check out Wiki.

Space hazards

You can impress your friends and family tonight with this little quiz.  Did you know there’s a difference between a meteoroid, meteor and meteorite?

A meteoroid is interplanetary matter within our solar system. (Basically, it’s a bit of ‘rock’ that’s come off an asteroid or comet)

A meteor is a metereoid which enters the earth’s atmosphere and burns on entry – a shooting star.

A meteorite is a meteoroid which has survived its journey through the earth’s atmosphere and crashes to earth.

And you thought Melbourne’s Monday traffic to work was the worst in the world