How big, did you say?

Dung beetle

There was an old woman…

… and dung beetle too

There was an old woman


Forgive me Dr Seuss

Dr SeussIf you like this cartoon, click the like button. If you dislike, visit my daughter’s website and leave a comment there expressing any concerns you may have. Why? Because my daughter came up with this one. She’s always playing with words and improving upon existing literature.

When dung hits the fan


What rolls downhill?




Wordplay Wednesday – Wingdings

Dung symbol

Gotta love Doug’s fastidious approach to cleanliness

Flies on dung

Help! It’s a floater

Doug the dung beetle discovers the floater

Did you know?

The perfect stool is a floater and not a sinker.

Whether a stool floats or sinks depends on the individual’s diet and the telling sign of a healthy stool is one made from consuming a lot of fibre and water.  These poops will float.

Not more toilet humour!

Doug dung beetle tried convincing junior to eat his pooA relative of mine unwittingly handed this one to me on a silver platter when in casual conversation they referred to some purée,but pronouncing it as poo-rée. I’ll protect the innocent, and they shall remain nameless.