3 wishes from the genie in the magic lamp

What would your three wishes be?Never mess with a woman in need of choclate!


What’s with these silly alien names?

Evil pink aliens discussing the latest naming competition


I’m missing the monthly Just Outside the Box Cartoon competitions (but as I said, I’m frantically working on some other projects which I promise to share with you shortly), so I drew this cartoon in memory of the last August competition.

Darwin strikes again! Darwin 10: Dinosaurs 0

dinosaur extinction theory

And for those wanting a trip down memory lane, click here to see what else Darwin did, to get to a current score of 10:0

Pink cartoon and the white elephant

Breast cancer awareness 2012

October is breast cancer awareness month and in support of this worthy cause I’ve gone pink here at Just Outside the Box.

Did you know that:

  • 1 in 9 women in Australia will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their life
  • Every day 30 women in Australia discover they have breast cancer
  • Over half of the detections are made by wither the women themselves or their doctor
  • Early detection helps save lives – the earlier the treatment, the more likely it is to succeed
  • Breast screening is recommended every 2 years for women aged 50 – 69

So, this month, when you pass someone selling pink ribbons in support of breast cancer research, dig deep and support this worthy cause.

Any other cartoonists interested in going pink with me this month?

I got the idea when I discovered the www.comicssgopink.com website.  In 2010, King Features cartoonists showed their support for breast cancer awareness by posting a pink cartoon on 10 October.  I thought it was such a great idea, that it should be done again.  If you draw cartoons and want to participate see the attached pink ribbon below for you to download and place on your pink cartoon.  Hey, and let me know, so I can visit your website.

Ready to go lunch for busy dung beetles

Doug dung beetle loves rabbit dungI’ve been spending a bit of time researching dung beetles for another project I’m working on.  I ended up on YouTube (I’m sure all roads lead to YouTube eventually) and found this really cute dung beetle animation called Dung Beetle Battle.  Much to my delight, I then discovered that the makers, Minuscule, have a whole series of similar insect animations. They are short (which is good for my concentration) and play on average for 4 min 30 sec.

Royal accessory #23

Queen Elizabeth using the automated hand waver

Are you prepared for the corporate glass ceiling?

Preparations for the glass ceiling

Take out with a difference – hold those aliens thanks

Aliens Bill and Ben enjoying Chinese take awayI had a lot of fun making this cartoon.  And best of all, I got to eat at the end of the photo shoot!


Saturn’s merry go round

Alines enjoying the Saturn-go-round in our solar system


I loved drawing this cartoon. Nothing like aliens, stars and planets.

Introducing Doug’s other cousin, Tom Tunneller Dung Beetle

Doug dung beetle's tunneller cousinIntroducing Doug Dung Beetle’s other cousin – Tom Tunneler.  You may recall from previous posts there are three types of dung beetles: Rollers (Doug), Dwellers and Tunnellers. Well, this is the full set of Doug’s  extended family.  Tunnellers like to dive deep into dung, then start tunnelling their way through the dung and deep into the earth below. not only does this provide a nice safe home for the beetle, it also acts as a breeding spot for the little baby dung beetle eggs.  Unfortunately for Tom, methane gas is explosive.