The wet dog shake

cat and dog fight

Ah, those crazy engineers and scientists are at it again and this time with the humble wet dog shake.  The Secret of the wet dog shake will hopefully help our designers create more efficient products in the future.  The study has found the dog to be one of the most efficient ‘designs’ in allowing for the removal of excess water.  In just 4 seconds (and that’s all it takes when you happen to be standing next to a wet dog) for a dog to shake off 70% of water from a wet coat.

Honey, does this pond make me look fat?

does this make me look fat?

The long journey up the corporate ladder

corporate ladder leading all the way to heavenIt would be funnier if it were not true…..


In the unlikely event of an emergency, please remain calm and…

oxygen, laughing gas, helium

What’s a cloud ball fight?

cloud ballProbably doesn’t hurt as much as the classic snowball. Might even tickle.


Black lemmings, black sheep?

Lemmings jumping the cliff

Bill and Ben find the best hammock ever

Bill and Ben in a pink braYes, another bridesmaid cartoon from the 39th Piracicaba cartoon competition.


Have you had your 15 minutes of fame yet?

No return policy at the 15 minutes of fame shopHaven’t had my 15 minutes of fame – yet – but quite like the idea of being able to make a suitable purchase in advance of the event.  Also, if I could buy it in batches of say 2 minute lots, or take the 1 minute lucky dip, I could spread the joy of it over my lifetime.

Go on, your turn now to blow your trumpet. What’s your 15 minutes (or 1 minute portions) of fame?

Kamikaze origami

Paper scissor rock

So that’s how they make snake skin shoes

Snake skin shoes with a difference


Now that’s my kind of shoe – yellow with red stripes.  But I don’t want you to get a wrong impression of me.  I’m a cow leather shoe wearing chick.