A Merry Christmas Freebie

Yes, it’s time for another Fabulous Friday Freebie.

Free christmas cracker templateMake Christmas personal this year with your very own home made crackers.

This freebie comes complete with:

  • wrapper design
  • a really daggy hat (but it wouldn’t be the same without one)
  • a really cool cartoon joke (made by yours truly and pretty funny if I do say so myself) and
  • of course, instructions (a last resort for most)

This year, in celebration of my soon to be released kids picture book – How to make an Alien – we’ve gone for an alien theme. Enjoy and download today!

Free promotional book offer

Download Doug the Dung Beetle – The long roll home for FREE!

As part of a promotion for the release of my next kid’s picture book, I want to spread the word of Doug.  So please, if you’ve ever had a twitch to look at my book, but didn’t, here is your opportunity to do so for absolutely free.  And as a favour to me, spread the word of Doug with your friends by sharing this post.  Give them the gift of humour and dung, all in the one neat little package!

But offers like this don’t last forever.  So go on, click here to visit NoiseTrade for your free copy (suitable for your Kindle, iPad and more).

Go on, make my day – download and share today!

NoiseTrade Book Promotion

So still here? Wondering if there’s a catch? Sorry, no catch. I don’t even expect a ‘tip’, but NoiseTrade forces you to select a tip amount (that’s how they make their money). In fairness, they make it clear that you are not obliged to tip. I’m just keen to build up my book reader audience by getting the book out there.  And if you like my book and want to be notified about future book releases, you have a chance to subscribe to my ‘new book release’ email (along with all the specials that come with that). But as with the tips, that too is optional. So go on, download now.

Have you been bored at work recently?

Then why not spice up the next meeting you attend by arming yourself and like minded work colleagues with our Fabulous Friday Freebie – Office Bingo!

Office Jargon bingo template give awayYes, it’s an all time classic game and what’s great about this one is that it comes with a splash of ‘Just Outside the Box’ humour.

So what are you waiting for? Fly through cyber space and download it from our Freebie web page now.

Free Doug the Dung Beetle Activity book for iPad

iBookstore front cover for Doug activity book

This is a special big thank you gift to all of you for reading my cartoons and ‘liking’ Doug the Dung Beetle (undoubtedly one of my favourite characters).

To get this May Friday freebie, all you need is an iPad and you can download it to your iBooks App. Here are some quick links to your country’s iTunes store

USACanadaAustraliaUKNew Zealand

Come on, do a bit of finger exercising and click a link above to download.

And if you don’t have an iPad, but still want a freebie, click here to see what other freeebies are available.

Fabulous Friday Freebie – Doug dung beetle colour in chatterbox

Friday Freebie is back and to start the year we’ve got a Doug dung beetle chatterbox to colour in and make.

Cootie catcher giveawayTo grab a copy, whizz through cyber space to our Freebies page.