So what do you think?

I’m the process of sprucing up my website with a range of things (actually ideas) I’ve been hiding on the back shelf until now.  

But I can’t do this one on my own – I need your help by giving me your thoughts on this quick survey.

I’m creating a monthly newsletter for subscribers (this is in addition to the blog subscription you might already be on). But it’s a bit hard to entice people to click that funky new subscribe button without giving away something for free. So, here’s the question.



Never ending laughs with this perpetual folding card freebie

I’m really excited by this freebie (must be the engineer in me). When I first saw it in action I couldn’t stop playing with it.

Photo of never ending folding card

Four views, one card. Make this simple card and share with your friends today!

This is no ordinary card. You get four views wrapped up in the one neat card – all you have to do is fold and fold and fold.

And that’s the best thing – it never ends. Keep on folding and eventually you get back to beginning again.

It is surprisingly easy to make, and if you’re a bit of a geek, you’ll be able to see how it works by looking at how the template is constructed.

Grab your never ending folding card by clicking here now.

Free Doug the Dung Beetle Activity book for iPad

iBookstore front cover for Doug activity book

This is a special big thank you gift to all of you for reading my cartoons and ‘liking’ Doug the Dung Beetle (undoubtedly one of my favourite characters).

To get this May Friday freebie, all you need is an iPad and you can download it to your iBooks App. Here are some quick links to your country’s iTunes store

USACanadaAustraliaUKNew Zealand

Come on, do a bit of finger exercising and click a link above to download.

And if you don’t have an iPad, but still want a freebie, click here to see what other freeebies are available.

February’s Fabulous Friday Freebie – Doug Dung Beetle wall clock

Doug dung Beetle wall clock photoDoug is back doing what he loves most – rolling fresh dung.

Unfortunately his prize is always just out of reach as it spins around past him every minute of the day (must be some cruel form of dung beetle torture, concocted by the creator of the character).

If you’d like Doug in your home, why not visit the freebies page and whip up a clock for yourself.

Just in time Friday Freebie for the month of June

Made it! Just!

Click link to grab this month’s Fabulous Friday Freebie cartoon door hangers. come one, even if door hangers aren’t your thing, you get a sneak preview of a new cartoon – it’s one of my favourites so far out of over 200 cartoons. Curious? It’s only 2 clicks away.

May Friday Freebie

May’s Friday Freebie is now available to download! It’s paper fortune cookies made with 100% fat free cartoons!

Click here to be the first to grab it! It also contains one new unpublished cartoon.

April Freebie

It’s a new month, and time for another freebie. In the interest of timing, I’ve broken one of my freebie rules (freebies are on Fridays) by releasing this on Tuesday. Hey, when you’re a self employed, unpaid cartoonist, it’s one of the perks!

If you’re not prepared for Easter yet, or are trying to find a non calorie alternative, then this freebie is for you.  It’s a couple of Bill and Ben Easter cards.

Click here to grab your freebie.

PS. In the interest if copyright, I found these quotes (unknown author – so as far as I’m concerned, it’s up for grabs) and adapted them to suit our little green friends.

Friday Freebie #2

As promised, Friday Freebie has returned with Freebie #2.  This one is for the kids and as a parent I know that a happy kid means a happy parent.

Click here to whizz through cyber space and land on our Freebies Page – look for heading #2.

Poll: Is it time for a freebie?

Humour me on this one. I wanted to try the ‘polling’ toy in this software to see how it works, plus at the same time, get some feedback from regular subscribers. For those who missed the last freebie, check this link for details.

Launching of the Freebies Page

Everybody loves a freebie (well, at least I do).  So, in the spirit of giving, I’ve set up a Freebies page which I plan to add to over time. If you have a freebie idea, please leave a comment at the bottom of the Freebies page.

Remember the freebie golden rules:

  • must be downloadable from the site
  • requires minimal effort to grab your freebie (ie, it’s easy to print an A4 file, harder to print an A1 poster!)

To celebrate the launching of the Freebies page, it’s timely that the first freebie on offer is a 2012 wall calendar.

Click here to get to the Freebies page (or go to the website and look for Freebeis page in the header).