Join me in an online experiment

Help me sky rocket the charts & click to download my new free iBook, ‘How to make an alien activity book’

And yes I realise not everyone has an iPad, so if you have friends with children who you think would enjoy this, then send them this link.

Free kids activity book on alien for iPad

Yes, I’m still here at the bottom of the image in the hope that if you haven’t clicked yet, you’ll do so now with a bit more patient prodding.

Those of you who have followed my site over the last 4 years know that I don’t go shoving my stuff down your throat (very often). So, if you’ve enjoyed my work so far, your finger clicking help would be appreciated as the e-world is a tough environment to crack. If you really want to make my day, then rate it on iBooks too.

So, back to the experiment. You’ll be able to check in live to see if the eBook is making traction. Once I have 5 ratings, there should be an overall rating displayed in the iBook Store. (Why 5 – well, even Google was a bit stumped on what number it was and the best it could find was ‘hear say’ on forums). Anyway, together let’s see what happens.

Are you in? Then click now.

Name the alien competition

Yeah! Competitions are back to Just Outside the Box!

It’s easy and fun. Just name 1, 2, or all 3 aliens starring in my next book and website and you could be the winner of a signed cartoon of your choice from my website.

blue alien blankpink alien blankMoon alien 2

Enter now as entries close 12 September!

Free promotional book offer

Download Doug the Dung Beetle – The long roll home for FREE!

As part of a promotion for the release of my next kid’s picture book, I want to spread the word of Doug.  So please, if you’ve ever had a twitch to look at my book, but didn’t, here is your opportunity to do so for absolutely free.  And as a favour to me, spread the word of Doug with your friends by sharing this post.  Give them the gift of humour and dung, all in the one neat little package!

But offers like this don’t last forever.  So go on, click here to visit NoiseTrade for your free copy (suitable for your Kindle, iPad and more).

Go on, make my day – download and share today!

NoiseTrade Book Promotion

So still here? Wondering if there’s a catch? Sorry, no catch. I don’t even expect a ‘tip’, but NoiseTrade forces you to select a tip amount (that’s how they make their money). In fairness, they make it clear that you are not obliged to tip. I’m just keen to build up my book reader audience by getting the book out there.  And if you like my book and want to be notified about future book releases, you have a chance to subscribe to my ‘new book release’ email (along with all the specials that come with that). But as with the tips, that too is optional. So go on, download now.

Never ending laughs with this perpetual folding card freebie

I’m really excited by this freebie (must be the engineer in me). When I first saw it in action I couldn’t stop playing with it.

Photo of never ending folding card

Four views, one card. Make this simple card and share with your friends today!

This is no ordinary card. You get four views wrapped up in the one neat card – all you have to do is fold and fold and fold.

And that’s the best thing – it never ends. Keep on folding and eventually you get back to beginning again.

It is surprisingly easy to make, and if you’re a bit of a geek, you’ll be able to see how it works by looking at how the template is constructed.

Grab your never ending folding card by clicking here now.

Portable social media bookmark freebies

Yep, Fabulous Friday Freebie returns with some ‘likeable’ and portable bookmarks

Give away bookmarks to printThese bookmarks will help you reminisce on days gone by, when reading involved paper.  But fear not, these bookmarks allow you to still express your inner social networking feelings with the world.

You know the drill.  Click here and whizz through cyber space to our freebie page for a free file download.

Be brave, print your bookmarks and put a face to a feeling – if you dare!

Have you been bored at work recently?

Then why not spice up the next meeting you attend by arming yourself and like minded work colleagues with our Fabulous Friday Freebie – Office Bingo!

Office Jargon bingo template give awayYes, it’s an all time classic game and what’s great about this one is that it comes with a splash of ‘Just Outside the Box’ humour.

So what are you waiting for? Fly through cyber space and download it from our Freebie web page now.

Fabulous Friday Freebie – DIY Christmas crackers

Time to get into the Christmas spirit and make some crackers (with really cool jokes by yours truly) for the family celebration

Click me now to download for free!

Christmas crackers with cool jokes

September’s Fabulous Friday Freebie: One for the office

Image of office door hanger

Need an effective means of communicating with work colleagues, to let them know when you’re busy and need peace to ensure you meet that important business deadline?

Well, today is you lucky day. The Just Outside the Box team (that would be me, myself and I) got together for a brainstorming meeting and came up with this office friendly communication tool – Voila, the Office Do Not Disturb Door Hanger.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to whizz over to the freebies page and grab your free office do not disturb hanger.

Friday freebie – let’s go fish

Fabulous Friday freebie has just snuck in for the end of the month with a classic game – Let’s go fish.

Wishing well June freebie image

Fabulous Friday freebie

april freebie bookmark image

It’s Friday and one Friday of every month is fabulous, because I give away yet another freebie. A modest contribution today for all bookworms – a printable bookmark.

Click here to whizz through to our freebies page and download this file and many other freebies!

And as we say here in Australia – ‘Ava great weekend’