Another stint at the migration to land from sea

Natural selectionAn engineer’s approach to evolution.



If a tree falls in the forest….

if a tree falls in the forest

Underwater celebrity

Underwater celebrities

Fish TV

When fish watch TV

I’ve got an itch. Can you scratch my back?

Scratch my backFor our summer holidays we spent 10 glorious days sailing the Whitsunday islands.  I swear I overhead this conversation whilst snorkelling amongst the fish and coral.

The undocumented attempts at evolution

Fish evolution gone wrongWe’ve had a few new subscribers recently, so for the newbies, here are the first 4 in the fish evolution journey

Ever wondered what people wish for when they throw their coin in the wishing well?

wishing fountain secrets

Fish Evolution: Take 4

Any one for bubbly?

Time to pop the bubbly and celebrate!

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear Marti. Happy birthday to me.

Hopefully this reminds my beautiful family to remember this special day this year – hint!