How big, did you say?

Dung beetle

There was an old woman…

… and dung beetle too

There was an old woman


Free promotional book offer

Download Doug the Dung Beetle – The long roll home for FREE!

As part of a promotion for the release of my next kid’s picture book, I want to spread the word of Doug.  So please, if you’ve ever had a twitch to look at my book, but didn’t, here is your opportunity to do so for absolutely free.  And as a favour to me, spread the word of Doug with your friends by sharing this post.  Give them the gift of humour and dung, all in the one neat little package!

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Go on, make my day – download and share today!

NoiseTrade Book Promotion

So still here? Wondering if there’s a catch? Sorry, no catch. I don’t even expect a ‘tip’, but NoiseTrade forces you to select a tip amount (that’s how they make their money). In fairness, they make it clear that you are not obliged to tip. I’m just keen to build up my book reader audience by getting the book out there.  And if you like my book and want to be notified about future book releases, you have a chance to subscribe to my ‘new book release’ email (along with all the specials that come with that). But as with the tips, that too is optional. So go on, download now.

When two worlds collide


Final plug…

The Long Roll home amazonAt last! The final of my self publishing endeavours is complete with ‘Doug the Dung Beetle: The Long Roll Home’ available as paperback on Amazon and electronically via Kindle.

If you wish to take a sneak peek inside, try the ‘surprise me’ book content viewer. Click your preferred Amazon site

Oh, and if you like the book, why not write a review – as you can imagine, for a newbie into this game, every bit of favourable metadata pointing my way helps!

The power of gas

Doug dung beetle takes to the airThis week we’re celebrating all things to do with Doug – because we can.


The needle in the haystack

Doug the dung beetle's first book

I’m very excited to be releasing my first children’s picture book starring Doug the Dung Beetle – The Long Roll Home.

It’s now available in Apple’s iBookstore (or iTunes) for your iPad (also coming out soon as hardback on Amazon).

But that’s enough of a plug, as now I have a favour to ask you and as you know I don’t ask for many favours.

Please check out the book if you have an iPad. I admit that dung mightn’t be your cup of tea (and if not, then why not by now?). So don’t feel obliged to buy, but please tell a friend, who might be interested in a bit of toilet humour.

Yep, this is my flashy marketing campaign – word of mouth – and it all starts with you!

Hopefully it will not end in Chinese whispers with a result of ‘Mug the Coffee Cup – the long cold drink’. Here’s to becoming a big, shiny pitchfork in the haystack!

I think, therefore I am

Rhodin's thinker

This town ain’t big enough for the two of us

Doug dung beetle meets stink bug

In deep dung

In deep shitDoug has decided to document all things ‘dung’ and he’s slowly building up a collection of dung expressions to share with you all.

If you have a ‘dung’ expression or definition that you would like drawn up, why not leave a reply below and Doug and I will give it a crack.