More dumb aliens


Return of the dumb aliens


Another stint at the migration to land from sea

Natural selectionAn engineer’s approach to evolution.

The evolutionary drive to inhabit the land continues

Fish and Darwin's natural selection

Fish evolution Take 7

Fish evolution to land

Fish evolution Take 6

Fish evolution to land

The fish evolution to land continues

fish evolution to landThis week is dedicated to exploring how fish managed to evolve from ocean to land – and a few of the steps that didn’t quite work along the way.

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Dumb aliens take on Darwin again and fail

This week is space week at Just Outside the Box. Enjoy!


The return of Dave the Dot to Dot Dinosaur

Natural selection theory for paper dinosaurs

Dave the Dot to Dot Dinosaur is back and still trying to figure out his new surroundings.

I’d forgotten how much I missed him, until I started to draw him again for this cartoon.

Darwin strikes again! Darwin 10: Dinosaurs 0

dinosaur extinction theory

And for those wanting a trip down memory lane, click here to see what else Darwin did, to get to a current score of 10:0