Join me in an online experiment

Help me sky rocket the charts & click to download my new free iBook, ‘How to make an alien activity book’

And yes I realise not everyone has an iPad, so if you have friends with children who you think would enjoy this, then send them this link.

Free kids activity book on alien for iPad

Yes, I’m still here at the bottom of the image in the hope that if you haven’t clicked yet, you’ll do so now with a bit more patient prodding.

Those of you who have followed my site over the last 4 years know that I don’t go shoving my stuff down your throat (very often). So, if you’ve enjoyed my work so far, your finger clicking help would be appreciated as the e-world is a tough environment to crack. If you really want to make my day, then rate it on iBooks too.

So, back to the experiment. You’ll be able to check in live to see if the eBook is making traction. Once I have 5 ratings, there should be an overall rating displayed in the iBook Store. (Why 5 – well, even Google was a bit stumped on what number it was and the best it could find was ‘hear say’ on forums). Anyway, together let’s see what happens.

Are you in? Then click now.

Free Doug the Dung Beetle Activity book for iPad

iBookstore front cover for Doug activity book

This is a special big thank you gift to all of you for reading my cartoons and ‘liking’ Doug the Dung Beetle (undoubtedly one of my favourite characters).

To get this May Friday freebie, all you need is an iPad and you can download it to your iBooks App. Here are some quick links to your country’s iTunes store

USACanadaAustraliaUKNew Zealand

Come on, do a bit of finger exercising and click a link above to download.

And if you don’t have an iPad, but still want a freebie, click here to see what other freeebies are available.