Submit a joke

So you think you’re funnier than me?

As we know, this is not hard, I am an engineer still on my journey to the land of humour

Submit a joke is about letting you, the visitor to the site, have the opportunity of creating a caption to a cartoon that I’ll then draw up. Consider it a team effort. As a reward, I’ll be sure to give credit to your lovely self when I publish the cartoon. If you like, I can link your blog/website URL as part of this team undertaking. Just be sure to leave the link details with your message.

So, get cracking and write your idea in the ‘leave a reply’ below.


10 Comments on “Submit a joke”

  1. crubin says:

    Okay, I’ll be the first guinea pig. Feel free to use it or lose it. My URL is linked to my user name. My caption:

    Upon learning she could carry 50 times her weight in food, Ant headed straight for the chocolate.

  2. OK… CRubin has set the bar very high, but here goes…

    Two tourists are in the Australian wilderness, standing in front of a kangaroo. One tourist is looking in a Field Guide, while the other one says, “Try another page. I don’t think it’s a grasshopper.”

    Keep it if you want. I’m OK if don’t use it… as a Canadian what do I know about kangaroos?!


  3. Oliver says:

    It’s not good but
    Little jonny told himself he was rebellious by stay up until midnight but his parents aren’t happy with his grades

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