Brag page

I think the page title is self explanatory. So allow me the time to pat myself on the back and share some things I’m proud of.

1. Saint Just le Martel Cartoon festival 2014

Thanks to the efforts of Hagen Cartoons and the Australian Cartoonists Association, Australian cartoonists had an opportunity to present their work at the 2014 International Cartoon Festival of Saint Just le Martel. A section of the exhibition was especially set up to display our Aussie humour and titled Australian view of the World and Australian Humour or Le monde vu par les Australiens et Humour Australian. I was one of 50 Australians displaying my cartoons.

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10 Comments on “Brag page”

  1. congratulations – great effort

  2. Grumpy says:

    Well done Marty!

  3. John Halls says:

    Hi Marti – AWESOME for you to be included and your wonderful cartoons/humour to be on display for the world to see. CONGRATULATIONS! May there be many more such opportunities within your reach as a result of this exposure.

  4. Great job and a good selection of your cartoons!

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