Meet the Characters

Green aliens land on the moon

Bill and Ben the Little Green Alien Men

Bill and Ben only chanced a landing on earth.  Whilst on an intergalactic geocache treasure hunt, and travelling 2 light years to the final cache location, they were rather disheartened to be pipped at the post by a mere couple of weeks by an unknown geocache team, called Apollo 11.  But in the spirit of good geocaching, they left their details in the second place row and placed a new treasure for the next geocache team to find.

Wanting to take a break after an extensive journey, they decided to take a holiday at the nearest planet. That afternoon, they landed on planet earth. They loved the planet and the strange but friendly people so much, they decided to stay just that little bit longer. Recently, they travelled to Australia and have taken up residence at Marti’s house. After a day’s sightseeing of the local area, there’s always something exciting to come back home to, as Marti’s house is occupied by a family of 4 plus 2 dogs (golden retrievers) and a score of goldfish.

Rather than pay for board, Marti’s asked Bill and Ben to manage the cartoon’s Facebook Page. You can catch up on their news there. But for cartoons, click here to see their most recent cartoons.

Dave the Dot to Dot Dinosaur

Dave the Dot to Dot Dinosaur recently ripped himself free from one of Marti’s children’s dot to dot drawing books. Keen to explore his new world, he sometimes struggles with the ways of living in a 3 dimensional space and often finds himself in unfortunate situations.  However, this never dampens his enthusiasm for getting back up again and investigating his new surrounds even further.  Currently he resides at Marti’s house, along with Bill and Ben, but unlike his friendly green colleagues, he’s keen to flee the nest and find residence elsewhere. See Dave’s latest cartoons.

Doug the Dung Beetle

Doug the Dung Beetle is probably the happiest beetle in the whole wide world.  Unlike many of his fellow dung beetles, who dream of the day their species evolve to more complex life forms, requiring nutritional supplements from primary rather than secondary food sources, Doug actually loves his job and understands the very important role he plays in the earth’s ecosystem.  Doug takes on everything with an unquenchable level of enthusiasm.  He’s always on the hunt for fertile eating grounds and frequently visits the backyard at Marti’s house, which is occupied by 2 golden retrievers. See Doug’s latest cartoons.

Evil Pink Aliens

Every cartoon needs some baddies, and our baddies at Just Outside the Box are evil pink aliens with purple spots and fluffy feathers. What could possibly be more evil?

To check out their antics, click here to see how wicked they really are.



The secret lives of giants

They’re big – they’re giants – but their existence must remain secret if they are to continue to live unharmed on planet earth. So when you ever come across something you can’t explain, maybe the answer is the giants! Click here to view their latest activities



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13 Comments on “Meet the Characters”

  1. julez52 says:

    hey thanks for the like and great blog by the way

  2. maryam zaidi says:

    awes0me picture l0ve em awl <3<3<3

  3. Mr Oh says:

    Awesome characters! Love your style. Looking forward to exploring more. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  4. Darren B says:

    How about an Aussie alien named ‘Austr-alien’.
    He could do Aussie styled humour as he travels the globe in his thongs,like an alien version of Crocodile Dundee / Steve Irwin.
    He could even have a zoo full of humans that he collects,called ‘Austr-alien Zoo’ .-)
    His catch cry could be “Icke-y” when he is startled,instaed of ‘Crikey’,
    as in David Icke the Reptilian guy.
    Maybe the Austr-alien could be reptilian looking as well,to play into the Icke mythos ?

    A crocodile looking Aussie alien would be popular I think.
    Just another wacky idea I thought I would run by you.

    • Marti says:

      You crack me up…I need time to digest….I think you’re onto something…maybe I can re-brand my evil pink aliens…what do ya think?

      • Darren B says:

        The ball is in your court.
        I’m just throwing out ideas to you.
        You play them or discard them the way you want to.
        Cheers and good luck with any you run with.

      • Darren B says:

        I don’t know about pink reptilians though,but it’s up to you.
        I would probably stick to green and yellow colours (being an Austr-alien)
        Something like a croc-alien that collects Steve Irwin types and other weird (to him) human types and observes their weird habbits like Steve used to do on his show to wild animals,would be a table-turner on this type of situation-
        I think if you were to look with an eye to marketing (t-shirts,stickers,lunch boxes,etc)
        I would dress him in the Aussie green and gold.
        I think you could go a long way with a character like that.
        Aliens/Reptilians are big in the pop culture world,as are Australians,I guess.
        I’m yet to hear of an Australian /Reptilian / Alien character in the cartoon world.
        And remember in Australia “Crocs Rule!” .-)

      • Marti says:

        Yes, goodpoint on the colours…was thinking of modifying my ‘dumb alien’ as a new Austr-alien. I do wish we didn’t have green and gold as a national colour – does nothing for my complection….anyway, it’s not about me. I like the thong idea too – very iconic…..working on it. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas, I really appreciate it.

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