The best things in life are FREE!

Everybody loves a freebie (well, at least I do).  So, in the spirit of giving, I’ve set up a Freebies page which I plan to add to over time. If you have a freebie idea, please leave a comment on the bottom of this page.

Remember the freebie golden rules:

  • must be downloadable from the site
  • requires minimal effort to grab your freebie (ie, it’s easy to print an A4 file, harder to print an A1 poster!)

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Freebie #26 (Feb-15) How to make an alien activity book for iPad 

Free iBook for kids

Full of fun activities such as:

  • Slider (you know, the 16 piece square shaped puzzle that you need to slide around to un-jumble)
  • Mazes
  • Drag and drop – Make your very own alien from various alien body parts
  • Sketchbook – colour in aliens
  • Fun space facts about black holes (the inspiration behind the book)
  • And much, much more…

Click here to download on iBooks


Freebie #25 (Nov-14) Christmas crackers with a splash of aliens

Porttrait Christmas cracker

We love to make Christmas crackers for our family dinner. Nothing amuses me more than adults wearing silly paper crowns (must be the kid in me). We’ve been making them for three years now and I guess you could say it’s now part of our family Christmas tradition.

Why not make it part of your tradition too?

Download your very own alien Christmas cracker template now!




Freebie #24 (Oct-14) Doug Dung Beetle Activity sheets

The pictures speak for themselves. Click here to download the pack of three.

Doug colouring in

Doug colouring in 2Doug colouring in 3












Freebie #23 (Jun-14) Never ending laughs with this perpetual folding card

Photo of never ending folding card

I hope you like this freebie as much as I do. Someone showed me a ‘never ending folding card’ and I was instantly hooked. I had to find out how one simple card could reveal four views and then seamlessly repeat itself. Well, here’s your chance to see see this card in action. For something so tricky, it’s surprisingly easy to make.

So don’t wait, grab this never ending folding card freebie now and watch your friends response.

Freebie #22 (May-14) Portable social media bookmarks

Give away bookmarks to print

Want to express yourself in the real world?

Now you can, with these quirky social media inspired bookmarks. Use them for study, work and play.

Grab this give away and let the world know what you think with these social media portable bookmark freebies. (Remember to print directly from the downloaded file, not from the web browser, as sizing may skew).





Freebie #21 (Feb-14) Office bingo

Office Jargon bingo template give away

Bored at work?

Wondering why work has stopped being fun?

Put an end to it today and download our free Office Bingo Template. Fun for one or share with three other like minded work colleagues. Our freebie comes with suggested instructions and four different templates.




Freebie #20 (Dec-13) Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers with cool jokes

Christmas 2013 is almost upon us (well, at least at the point of creating this)

Why not make some Christmas crackers to share with family and friends this festive season. It’s easy and fun.

For those who got involved with last year’s template (see below), you’ll be pleased to know I made a fees improvements to make it cheaper and easier to make this time round

Click here to download your free DIY Christmas crackers 2013

Freebie #20 (Sept-13) Office door hanger

Image of office door hanger

The ideal socially acceptable way of communicating with your office colleagues – the do not disturb office door hanger.

And don’t worry if you haven’t climbed the greasy ladder to a level where you obtain an office.

This hanger can readily be hung off the back of your chair for all other open plan dwellers to view.

Click here to download your very own Office Do Not Disturb Door Hanger, along with super friendly instructions


Freebie #19 (June-13) Let’s go fish game

Wishing well June freebie image

The caretakers of the wishing well have a tough life. So many wishes, so little time to get around to other activities. Download this game and make the kids classic fishing game with magnets and paper clips and get fishing (not for our happy little caretakers, but rather the rubbish within their well).

Click to download The Wishing Well Game, along with instructions.

Freebie #18 (May-13) iPad Doug Dung Beetle Activity Book

iBookstore front cover for Doug activity book

Doug is back and is celebrating his first story book (Doug the Dung Beetle: The long roll home) by giving away an iPad multitouch activity book.

This only works on an iPad and you can access it by either opening the iBookstore and typing in ‘dung beetle’ (strangely, there are not many dung beetle books out there, hard to imagine why not).

Alternatively, if you are from one of the regions listed below, click the country to open iTunes and the book

USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand

Freebie #16 (Apr-13) Bookmarks

april freebie bookmark image

Another great freebie for all book worms.

Staring Doug the dung beetle and our loveable but cheeky evil pink aliens with purple spots and fluffy feathers.

Simply click here to download your book mark.

Instructions are provided, but for best results print on photo paper 6 x 4 inches.

Freebie #15 (Mar-13) Just Outside the box 2013 calendar

Just outside the Box Cartoon Calendar 2013This freebie is a rather belated 2013 calendar. but have no fear, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out for the remaining months of 2013. Featuring one of our new characters (the loveable dumb alien), you can have a bit of fun everyday with this calendar.

Simply click here to download your free calendar.

Print in colour, either as A4 or A3



Freebie #14 (Feb-13) Doug Dung Beetle Wall Clock

Doug dung Beetle wall clock photoYes, Doug Dung Beetle is back again (sorry, I just seem to love all things to do with dung – must be an increased tolerance to it after two golden retrievers and two kids).

This project is easier than you think. I’ve designed it to suit the IKEA Rusch clock, but if your country hasn’t been infiltrated by the Swedish giant yet, have no fear as with a bit of patience you can resize (by playing with print scaling) the face to suit another clock. Give it a go and send me a photo in its new home. I’d love to see it.

Click here, for your free Doug Dung Beetle wall clock template.

Freebie #13 (Jan-13) Doug Dung Beetle Chatterbox

Cootie catcher giveaway

Welcome to 2013 with our latest freebie.

We’re kicking the month off with our favourite beetle here at Just Outside the Box (that’s Doug). This simple to make chatterbox features our favourite Doug dung beetle cartoons from 2012.

Simply, click here for your free B&W Doug dung beetle chatterbox.

Then print, colour in and fold.

Can’t remember how to fold, well visit this WikiHow site or ask an 8 year old to help you out.

Freebie #12 (Dec-12) Doug Dung Beetle Christmas Crackers

Christmas cracker template This month we are celebrating Christmas and the launching of our new website, Doug the Dung Beetle.

What better way to enjoy Christmas dinner with some really cool home made crackers. Better still, they come with a great joke (oh, that would be my cartoons) and if you look really closely, you might just figure out what the Christmas pudding is made of.

Freebie #11 (Nov-12) Doug dung beetle dot to dot drawing

This month’s freebie is a dot to dot drawing of the most loveable dung beetle ever – Doug.

Simply click, download, print and start counting to reveal Doug and his prized dung ball.

And don’t forget to colour in and then stick it on your fridge for all to enjoy as they hoe in for a feast of their own.

Freebie #10 (Oct-12): Halloween trick or treat bags

cartoons for halloween trick or treatLooking for something different this Halloween?

Why not print out these cartoons to cut and paste onto some plain paper bags.

You can use plain paper bags or as I did, white envelopes (makes sealing the bag easier too!)


Freebie #9 (Sep-12): Doug Dung Beetle’s puzzle mania

Free puzzle for kids

Free dot to dot drawing for kidsDoug is back again and this time in a super puzzle sheet.

Complete the wonder word to reveal Doug’s secret.  Find our more fun facts about the dung beetle and help Doug find his way back via a spaghetti string to his favourite food. Then finish it off with some colouring in fun.

Freebie #8 (Aug-12):  Spot the differences

free spot the difference fo raidsDoug is king of the castle in this spot the difference.

Print as A4 or larger for some puzzling fun for all.

(Hint: You can try black and white, but some of the differences are colour related)


Freebie #7 (Jul-12): Bill and Ben happy birthday wrapping paper

Free happy birthday alien wrapping paperWhat could possibly be better than Bill and Ben, the little green alien men, happy birthday wrapping paper?

This one is simple to grab.

Print as A4 or enlarge print as A3.

Then start wrapping

Freebie #6 (Jun-12): Door Hanger

free door hanger Free door hangerTwo door hangers to choose from.

One for the party girl, the other for the party boy.

Simply print, fold, glue, cut and hang.


Freebie #5 (May-12): Intergalactic Paper Fortune Cookie

Free fortune cookie template with cartoon jokesHow about some cartoon fat free fortune cookies? Proudly made by Bill and Ben the little green alien men and jam packed full of your favourite Bill and Ben cartoons.

I may have broken freebie golden rule #2 (but only slightly). Irrespective, I think it’s worth the effort.

What do you think? Let me  know how you go with the cookies.

Freebie #4 (Apr-12): Bill and Ben discover chocolate Easter card

Free easter card with Bill and Ben the little green alien menHow about giving the gift of fat free Easter cards this year?

This is really simple to make.  All you need is a printer and white paper.

Make sure you print double sided and then cut down the middle to make two cards.

Freebie #3 (Mar-12): Executive Anti Stress Chatterbox

free chatterbox templateIt’s time to relax, get a few tips on stress management and have a chuckle.

This is for both kids and adults.

If it makes you feel better as an adult, you could call it an anti stress toy for your office desk.

Freebie #2 (Feb-12): Dot to Dot Drawing of Dave

Free dot to dot To celebrate our new Facebook Page,, we’ve released another freebie. This time, it’s for the kids (or adults who need to entertain kids for 5 minutes so they can make a cup of coffee).

Click image to download.

Freebie #1 (Jan-12):  Wall Black calendar or White calendar

To celebrate the launching of the Freebies page, it’s timely that the first freebie on offer is a 2012 wall calendar. Two colour choices – black or white.

It’s a modest first attempt at the freebie. Maybe later next year, I’ll go for a 12 month version (but that requires more planning and time. It’s almost 1 January 2012 !). In the mean time, make a suggestion!


9 Comments on “Freebies”

  1. interesting idea. It’s cool though

  2. Darren B says:

    ” I’ve designed it to suit the IKEA Rusch clock”.

    This is funny because I was looking for some funny dung beetle pictures on Google for a post I was doing this morning –
    because a friend of mine has a scarab obsession at the moment,and I came across your site.
    I used to work for IKEA for 24 years until they re-structured and gave most of us full-timers the boot,which is why I did this post earlier this year about dung beetles and IKEA –
    I used some of your cartoons in my post,but have linked them back to this site,
    so I hope that you don’t mind ?
    Love your comics.

    • Marti says:

      Hi Darren, sorry about losing your job. I don’t mind sharing so long as there is a link back – that’s why I set up a Creative commons license. Marti

  3. Shirley Smeaton says:

    I just love Doug and was wondering if you would consider colouring pages suitable for kindergarten age 3-4 years, my grandaughter would love these, she is just getting into books and I have a copy of doug the dung beetle on e-book to give her when she is ready to sit still.
    Many Thanks for your marvelous books and thank you for the freebies.

    • Marti says:

      Hi Shirley, I think it is definitiely time for another free Doug give-away. So stay tuned and for this month’s September freebie I’ll prepare some colouring in pages for you to share with your granddaughter. Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad it’s brought a smile to your face.
      PS. Your granddaughter may be a bit too young yet, but my freebie page on Doug’s website has some other Doug related free downloads.

  4. Shirley Smeaton says:

    Thank You Marti, I might just have to sit and write a song about Doug The Dung Beetle, if there isn’t one already. I can’t wait for the grandchildren to be old enough to read properly too, i have so many happy memories of my Grandmother spending time reading to me when i was very little, mind you I LOVE books.

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