Apr 2012

Competition #3: Guess how many images were used to make this Flip Toon

Click here to view video on YouTube

Prize: Printed copy of a still image taken from this Flip Toon, hand signed.

Start date: 1 April 2012.

Close date: 30 April 2012 17:00hrs (UCT +01hrs). Winner will be announced on the website on 7 May 2012.

Hints: OK, I know a few hints won’t go astray. So just between you, me and the internet, here are a few pieces of information which may assist in your response

  • Flip toon runs form amazingly long 12.2 seconds
  • I have used 25 frames per second to create this flip toon
  • Remember, that images can be layered (e.g.: an arm placed on top of a body) This means I don’t have to draw as many images and I can ‘reuse’. (And there was enough effort that went into this modestly sized baby, trust me). If I reuse an image, that needs to be included in your count – tricky huh? Well, I can’t make it too easy.
  • The number of images is in between 1 and 499.


  1. You can enter only once for this competition
  2. No submissions after the close date will be accepted (better get cracking then)
  3. You must be a subscriber to the site to enter (yes, there’s always a catch, but you can always unsubscribe once you’ve won! and subscribing is FREE)
  4. In the event you are the lucky winner, I will initially notify you offline by email (that’s why you need to subscribe, so I have your email). If you want the prize sent out to you, you’ll have to provide me with a postal address. If you have a blog or business website you wish me to refer to in the winning announcement, you can then also provide me with the link details.
  5. Don’t panic if you submit an answer and you don’t see it appear on this page. I will collate responses offline.  To get a feel for your chances, I will be regularly updating the number of submissions received below.
  6. In the event two people or more get the correct answer, the first person will be awarded first prize. If two people are equally apart from the correct answer (i.e., say 100 and 102 and the answer is 101), I will take the higher number (i.e.102) as the winner.
  7. Judges decision will be final. The panel consists of Marti, Bill and Ben the little green alien men, all of whom are capably equipped to count, subtract, add and time sequence for the purpose of this competition.

So what are you waiting for? To enter just type in your number in the ‘Leaving a reply’ below this post.

Total submissions to date: 14

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