Aug – 2012

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Harold for naming our evil pink aliens. Introducing Grumble and Grudge, the evil pink aliens with purple spots and fluffy feathers!

AND congratulations to for providing our evil pink aliens with a middle name – Hank and Chester.

Yes, the judges were so impressed with the entries and found it too hard to choose, they decided to break the rules instead and have two winners! And many thanks to those who entered. Here are the other fabulous submissions.

Other notable entries

  1. Myth Purplips and Mystr Purplox (
  2. Hugh and Troy (Troy)
  3. Calamity Angel & Sinister Sid (Hugh)
  4. Guzzle and Burp (
  5. Lightning and Bolt (Harold)
  6. Captain Pit and Sergeant Bull (Harold)
  7. Captain Rot and Sergeant Whiler (Harold)
  8. Spic and Spoc (Jonathan)
  9. Ding and Dong (Jonathan)
  10. Screw and Bolt (Janet)
  11. Zyk and Zok (Jonathan)
  12. Ant and Pant (Janet)
  13. Blim and Blam (Saskia)
  14. Zirk and Zork (Jonathan)
  15. Rock ‘n’ roll (Jonathan)
  16. Boris and Vladimir (
  17. Patty and Selma (Amb from
  18. Pinky and Punky (Rebel)
  19. Roger and Doger (Rebel)
  20. Diablos and Deumus (Rebel)
  21. Zig and Zag (Rebel)
  22. Toxicodendron and Radicans, but their friends (if they have friends) call them Poison and Ivy.
  23. Algernon and Philip (Blog of funny names)

Competition #7: Submit two nick names for our delightful new evil pink aliens with purple spots and fluffy feathers

Prize:  Hand signed, printed copy of an evil alien cartoon of your choice from the website

Start date: 1 August 2012.  Close date: 31 August 2012 17:00hrs (UCT +10hrs).

Winner will be announced on the Website  on 10 September 2012.


  1. You can enter as many times as you want during August 2012.
  2. You must be a subscriber to the site to enter (yes, there’s always a catch, but you can always unsubscribe once you’ve won! and subscribing is FREE)
  3. In the event you are the lucky winner, I will initially notify you offline by email so you can provide me with a postal address. If you have a blog or business website you wish me to refer to in the winning announcement, you can then also provide me with the link details.
  4. Don’t panic if you submit a name and you don’t see it appear on this page. I will be collating them in the background and publish all suitable names when the winner is announced. To get a feel for your chances, I will be regularly updating the number of submissions received below.
  5. Judges decision will be final. In the event of a tie break, don’t worry, we have 3 judges – Marti, Bill and Ben, the little green alien men.

So what are you waiting for? To enter, click ‘Leave a reply’ below

Total submissions to date: 26

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