The winners of ‘Name the Alien’ competition

Meet my new alien mascots

blue alien blank


Moon alien 2


pink alien blank









Congratulations to our winners, Teresa, Colleen from MorgueMouse and Shirley

But here are some of the other fantastic entries – all really clever and funny. A big thank you to all who entered!

  • Sky Moos, Lunar Rover, Iron Chicken (Simon)
  • Big Blue, Screaming Pink, Old Gold (Harold)
  • Quasar, Pulsar, Lidar Farkle, Quarkle, Sparkle (Colleen, from
  • Hix, Isboor, Strognor, Galagat, Zobrat, Ecotylyn, Silaspran, Dugae, Ots, Crawog, Teopee, Olaf, Selcuk, Oreo, Erfu, Afana, Layorra, Largik (Ruqhia from
  • Nanu Nanu (Seeker from
  • Tendercles, kudzlefly and Hesnaw (Lovehappynotes from from
  • Scary, Mary, Marti – I suggest your extraterrestrial trio are the Moonbeam sisters. But which one’s which?
I think Marti is the one in the middle (Grumpy old git from
  • Tiny (blue), Gumball (yellow), Fang (pink) (Shirley)
  • Warp,
 Piranha, Sunshine (Teresa)
  • Ecks, Wye, Zed – or X, Y and Z as a short form. Ecks (pink alien – you never know what he/she will do), Wye (blue – always asking questions and usually worried about the answers) and Zed (yellow – cool and calm, the last word in any discussion. (GD from
  • Gregory, Cheeseball, Pinky Poo (Katja)
  • Cosmo, Knuckles, 4t2 (as in, the answer) (Saskia)
  • Flotsom, Jetsom and Getsome (Jonathan)


Reference: Competition details

You’ll never look at vegetables the same way again

alien fun

OK, last chance to enter the ‘Name the aliens’ competition. Entries close tomorrow, Friday 12th September.

Here’s the link if you haven’t entered yet. Good luck!

…and thanks to Hugh, for this caption on a former alien competition.

Name the alien competition

Yeah! Competitions are back to Just Outside the Box!

It’s easy and fun. Just name 1, 2, or all 3 aliens starring in my next book and website and you could be the winner of a signed cartoon of your choice from my website.

blue alien blankpink alien blankMoon alien 2

Enter now as entries close 12 September!

What do Facebook and evil aliens have in common?


But congratulations to Harold, the winner of the August Name the Evil Pink Aliens Competition with his winning names of Grumble and Grudge.  And because we like to break the rules here, we’ve decided to have a second winner as well with coming in as our winner of the middle names for our evil pink aliens with Hank and Chester.

Check out the other notable entries and see why the judges found it so hard to decide.

And for today’s cartoon, check out below.

The prehistoric like for Facebook

And the July caption winner is…

Congratulations Hugh for winning the July cartoon caption competition.

Thanks to all who entered. Why not view all the July cartoon caption entries?

Missed out last month? Don’t worry, you can enter the August Name the Evil pink aliens competition

August’s wickedly evil competition

Good with names? Well, this month’s competition is designed for you!

Nick name our two latest characters – the evil pink aliens with purple spots and fluffy feathers

What are you waiting for?

A surprise Saturday cartoon

Well, a cartoon of sorts. I recently discovered The New Yorker Cartoon page online. It had a competition designed to test your cartoon creativity and asked people to make an animal, invention, toy, whatever, by using any 3 of the 15 shapes provided.

Although my entries were technically invalid (they only choose those from the USA), that minor rule was not going to stop me. After all, I’ve heard Australia is the 51st forgotten state of the USA.  My two submissions are below and the winners are one click away here.

Bubbles of fun….and the May winner is

Congratulations to Hugh for winning the May Cartoon Caption Competition. 

Click here to see the runners up

Hugh was inspired by the following mathematical discovery, in the making of this winning caption above and this other entry ‘Bill and Ben didn’t really understand the Double Bubble Conjecture, but they did throw themselves wholeheartedly into a practical demonstration.’

“When two round soap bubbles come together, they form a double bubble as on the right in Figure 1. Unless the two bubbles are the same size, the surface between them bows a bit into the larger bubble. The separating surface meets each of the two bubbles at 120 degrees. This precise shape is now known to have less area than any other way to enclose and separate the same two volumes of air, even wild possibilities as on the left in Figure 1, in which the second bubble wraps around the first, and a tiny separate part of the first wraps around the second. Such wild possibilities are shown to be unstable by a new argument which involves rotating different portions of the bubble around a carefully chosen axis at different rates. The breakthrough came while Morgan was visiting Ritoré and Ros at the University of Granada last spring. Their work is supported by the National Science Foundation and the Spanish scientific research foundation DGICYT.” (Link) Got nothing to do tonight? Why not read the paper?

June 2012 Competition

The 3 click competition 

Especially for those who don’t want to think too hard in order to win a fantastic prize!

Yes, I have ulterior motives. Call it an engineers approach to marketing. Click here (that counts as #1 click) to find out more and enter.

Is your clicking finger up to the challenge?

and the April winner is….

Congratulations to Froggwell on winning the April ‘How many jelly beans’ competition.

You can visit Froggwell at their blog site – it’s all about ‘Great art, in a great setting’

And the answer to the jelly bean question is 178 (‘My gosh! -That’s a lot. You are very industrious creating all those images.’ I hear you cry. And my response is ‘Yes, it is. I’m still recovering’).

As always, thanks for all your entries. If you missed out this time, not to worry – enter the May competition and try again.