Evolution disruptors

The unpublished works of Charles Darwin – Evolution Disruptors

Why T-rex has short arms

  Yes, you’ve probably heard of Endocrine Disruptors, but have you heard of Evolution Disruptors? Here’s my definition:

Evolution disruptors are man-made or naturally occurring objects that, at certain levels of exposure, can interfere with the natural selection genetic process and alter the future evolutionary path in animals. It can result in adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and genetic mutations in both humans and wildlife.  A wide range of objects, both natural and man-made, are thought to cause evolution disruption, including the selfie stick.

Can you think of another examples?

11 Comments on “Evolution disruptors”

  1. seeker says:

    You just coined a new word, let’s hear it from Miriam Webster Dictionary. My nephews and nieces must have the genes of dinosaurs. They carry this stick!

  2. Hey Marti: Enjoy your work, great defination, keep going, you’re doing beautifully.

  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    I’m thinking Facebook might be an evolution disruptor. That’s how much I like it. 😉

  4. sjvernon says:

    It often seems like we are our own evolutionary disruptors… once we evolved to the point of being able to do completely useless things, it feels like a dead-end. It doesn’t mean we are doomed… just that we probably aren’t going to evolve in the traditional sense.

    I can’t think off-hand of a real-life example for other animals… though I have a feeling like we are inhibiting a lot of other species evolution too.

    • Marti says:

      When I coined the term I thought, this must be a good source of ongoing cartooning, but I couldn’t think of any other obvious animals either

      • sjvernon says:

        Weird isn’t it… sometime the stuff I am sure is the richest territory dead-ends quickly… and things I thought of as a passing joke turned out to be a goldmine! The brain works in mysterious ways.

  5. Ray Kelly says:

    Hah! The t-rex cartoon has evolved!

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