Where it all started

Selfie stick caveman styleAh, the selfie stick. Will it define our generation in years to come?

Not all are on board with the selfie stick. London music venue halls in Wembley are banning the selfie stick as it is considered a safety hazard to others surrounding the stick user, especially in crowded halls. Disruption to people’s view of the performances was another reason cited for the banning of the stick.

So what do you think?

Do you own one (but are too shy to admit it – fear not – you can come out here in a safe environment called the internet) or

Do you own one and brandish it everywhere you go with great pride and gusto?

PS. If you leave a comment below, I might just quietly share with you whether or not I own one.



19 Comments on “Where it all started”

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    I didn’t even know what one was! Now thanks to you, I do. And no, I don’t have one and never will. 🙂

  2. eremophila says:

    Ugg is wonderful! But no, I’m not a fan of the selfie stick, so don’t own one – I’ve got a gorilla pod and rarely use that! Perhaps the selfie stick does define a generation that’s all about ME ME ME…….

  3. First, a very funny cartoon. Thank you for the good laugh! I don’t have a selfie stick but I’m not necessarily against it. Like anything, there is a time and place for it. Right now, I am more impressed with Ugg. Not only did he invent the selfie stick, but he refused the chance to “photoshop” (or whatever it was called then) his missing tooth.

    • Marti says:

      Ha, ha – ‘photoshop’ the missing tooth. You crack me up – you should make your own cartoons buddy.

      I’m not a selfie stick person, but maybe that’s bc I don’t own a smart phone – just a crappy bberry. Irrespective, don’t think my ego would let me seen in public snapping happy snaps of myself.

  4. sjvernon says:

    This reminds me of the story that has been floating around inside my head about Ogg and Mogg and the Red Berries. I need to write and perhaps illustrate that one day. Meanwhile, I’m not a selfie person… I’m rarely an otherie person for that matter!

  5. myrmale says:

    Hi Marti. I have never taken a selfie, other than via the built-in cam on my desktop computer, so I have no need for a selfie stick. Great cartoon and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • Marti says:

      Hiya Myrmale, thanks for popping by. You could try poking a stick on the computer’s keyboard and see how you go with the in-situ selfie.

  6. sjvernon says:

    There wouldn’t be a photo of me on my blog if I hadn’t been a guest at a comic convention and the guy running it took pictures of all the guests and put them on his Facebook page and with the cat out of the bag, the mouse was free to play… or something… so I put the pic on my blog too 🙂

    There are those who have told me that there was a kind of stick involved in shaping my appearance though…

  7. seeker says:

    How did I manage to loose your post? Not paying attention. Selfie? I can think of other uses for a stick.

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