DIY dinner

DIY dinner

One of the 10 golden rules of cartooning is to make cartoons that don’t need explaining. Well, with good intent I assumed spanner crabs were common across the globe, but I discovered that they are predominantly found in the warmer parts of Australia.

I’m not sure why they call it the spanner crab, as it’s claws aren’t very spanner like. It lives in shallow sandy sea waters and hides itself under the sand. With only its eyes and mouth popping above the sand, it patiently waits for any small fish to unsuspectingly pass by.

Anyway, back to those golden rules. I’m assuming there are 10, but haven’t tried to create a list. Any ideas for 2 – 10?


8 Comments on “DIY dinner”

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Well, thanks to you, I now know what a spanner crab is! We definitely don’t have them in Ohio…

  2. sjvernon says:

    You can violate this rule for the right joke/cartoon. I’m certainly not saying I pull it off successfully… but sometimes I like trying really hard to make an obscure reference that maybe only 10% of people will actually get.

    As for golden rules… I would say one should be, don’t apologize for not being funny. If you offend someone and want to apologize, that’s fine… but if you think it is funny and no one else does, stand by your cartoon and don’t apologize if no one else laughs.

  3. myrmale says:

    The convoluted alphabet – A (gathering pollen) (swimming in it) D E F (golly) H (looking) J K (very hot and fiery) M N O (relieving) Q R S (drinking it) (the reader) V W (marks the spot) (‘cos I said so) Z

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