Is grass really greener on the other side?

Maritans are always greener on the other planets

We all know the metaphorical interpretation of this proverb, but it is also scientifically true!

James Pomerantz, author of the scientific article ‘The Grass is always Greener: An Ecological Analysis of an Old Aphorism (1983).  This scholar proves that ‘optical and perceptual laws alone will make the grass at a distance look greener to the human eye than the blades of grass perpendicular to the ground.’

Now that’s a really cool fact to keep up your sleeves!


6 Comments on “Is grass really greener on the other side?”

  1. seeker says:

    And I am green with envy. Better check out that link.

  2. Very funny! And, you are much more thorough than me — another thing to admire! I’ve never heard of James Pomerantz until you posted this, but I came to a similar conclusion 4 years ago. I wrote about it on my blog (, but now I’m thinking of switching to scientific journals.

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