September’s Fabulous Friday Freebie: One for the office

Image of office door hanger

Need an effective means of communicating with work colleagues, to let them know when you’re busy and need peace to ensure you meet that important business deadline?

Well, today is you lucky day. The Just Outside the Box team (that would be me, myself and I) got together for a brainstorming meeting and came up with this office friendly communication tool – Voila, the Office Do Not Disturb Door Hanger.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to whizz over to the freebies page and grab your free office do not disturb hanger.


6 Comments on “September’s Fabulous Friday Freebie: One for the office”

  1. These are great! But I fear they would only invite more people to stop by and chat about my amazing door hangers…

  2. Bob T Panda says:

    Ha ha! I’d put one on my office door, but the only person that uses it (other than me) is Mehitabel the cat, who ignores that kind of thing. “It doesn’t apply to me. where are the treats?”

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