Another alien

Wordplay AustralianI have Darren from Just watching the wheel go round to thank for coming up with the wordplay idea for Australien.  Being Australian and a lover of all things alien, I couldn’t help but draw this character. Thought he might have a flying thong spaceship to get around in too… but that’s another cartoon.


15 Comments on “Another alien”

  1. Rebel says:

    We like Australien! Is it a Bruce or a Sheila?
    Looks like he/she is standing on the Red Centre??

  2. seeker says:

    Now, that is what I call original and look at those different shapes and sizes of “mouth pieces” revolving around the Australien. Good one, Marti!

  3. Darren B says:

    Love it.
    And just in time for an Aussie World Cup invasion of Rio,too .
    Or maybe that should be an Out of this World Cup ?-)

  4. Darren B says:

    “Cartoons about Life, the Universe and Everything else in-between”.
    If you ever draw him in a football jersey,the number would have to be 42,surely ?-)

    • Marti says:

      Cool, not only the answer but a primary pseudoperfect number too.
      PS. My daughter numbered her basketball top 42. A whole new generation of Douglas fans are born!

  5. Darren B says:

    I saw James Reyne from “Australian Crawl” play the local winery up here in Brizzy last year (and I love the guy and his songs,but…) I thought it would be funny if The Australien’s favourite band was “Australien Drawl” with their lyrics sounding totally alien to anyone but the Australiens themselves.-)
    I guess it all just comes down to Semantics really…or trousers .-)

    • Marti says:

      Aussie crawl was one of the first CDs I bought (best of). I played it all the time back then and used to bemuse the pronunciation. I lent it to a friend and it got stuck in the CD player, never to be seen again

      • Darren B says:

        I like the Aussie joker (jester) type look the alien has too,I think it sums up the Aussie spirit,as I think all Aussies have a bit of that joker spirit in them.I know I have.
        You’ve nailed it with this character,I think.

      • Marti says:

        ‘I think’ ?….. Time will tell 🙂

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