It’s snowing



6 Comments on “It’s snowing”

  1. Darren B says:

    Cool cartoon.
    It’s funny,because the guy responsible for me finding your cartoon site
    (yes,you can blame him.-) because of his fascination with scarab beetles appearing in his life,also writes tunes and plays them on his ukelele.
    Last Christmas he wrote one of my favourite tunes of his,

    and it is called “Snow’.

  2. Darren B says:

    Have you thought about doing a Doug the Dung beetle Christmas book,like
    ‘Doug Thinks Christmas is a Load of Crap’,or something a little more toned down,but along those lines.
    Maybe ‘Doug’s Crappy Christmas Cracker Jokes’,where people could print the jokes out and shove them in their Christmas crackers to give their guests at Christmas dinner a few better quality jokes than those ones from Chinese cracker factories.

    Or a Doug Dung beetle New Year’s Eve book of suggested resolution’s like –
    “I ain’t gonna take dung off any more co-workers”.
    “I’ve got to get my dung together this year”.
    “Dung ain’t gonna happen this year!”.
    “I’m not gonna go Ape-dung over small annoyances anymore”.
    “I’m going to do awesome dung this year”.
    “I’ve gotta stop being so chicken-dung”.
    “I’ve gotta learn to give a dung”.
    “I’m going to be the King dung this year’.
    “I’m not going to be scared dung-less anymore”.
    “I must remember dung floats”.
    “I must remember dung happens,so make the most of the situation.”
    “I should shoot the dung more this year with friends.”
    “I gotta stop doing stupid dung from now on”.
    “Ive gotta stop talking dung from now on”.
    “Ive gotta get a better dung detector this year”.

    Maybe you could make and sell Doug Dung beetle cards ?
    Like “Same dung,different year” cards?

    Anyway,feel free to use any of the above if you decide to do something along those lines.
    Like Doug,I got on a bit of a roll with my dung.-)

    • Marti says:

      Wow, all you need to do now is draw Doug and package it up for publication. I like crackers – did you see I had crackers on my freebie page – it featured Doug in the design. I do like the idea of new year – maybe more opportunity for an unknown in that space vs Christmas. I’ve started a Cafepress site and currently working on a selection of designs for t-shirts, cards, mugs etc.

      • Darren B says:

        The only item I viewed at the freebie page was the IKEA clock design,which made me laugh,because working there gave me the dungs…so to speak.-)
        I’ll have to check out the Cafe press store when the doors open,and your freebie page to check out the cracker design.
        Here’s a good title if you do do (:-) ) a Doug Dung beetle Xmas / New Year book –
        ‘Another Year Over and What Have You Dung ?” .-)

      • Marti says:

        Good one. 🙂

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