The evolutionary drive to inhabit the land continues

Fish and Darwin's natural selection

16 Comments on “The evolutionary drive to inhabit the land continues”

  1. seeker says:

    Hump day… may I keep a copy your art work for future use credit to you?

  2. Darren B says:

    I like the goldfish you draw Marti,in fact I like it better than the dung beetle,because the goldfish is more of an observer on life,especially when kept in an artificial environment like a fishbowl say in an office or home.
    Can you imagine what that fish would be thinking about our mad human world ?
    I’d like to see you develop another cartoon just for the fish where we get his view on the weird life of the human race.You could call it something like “Bowling Alone” (as in fishbowl).
    Reading about Doug the dung-beetle reminded me of a guy I worked with at IKEA years ago.
    He used to call me Dags (short for Darren) and I think he meant the things that hang off a sheep’s backside,but having Jewish ancestry I couldn’t help but think of the Hebrew word for fish – dag (which also have things hanging from their backside.-)
    So maybe Dags or Dag would make a good name for a cartoon fish as well ?
    Just a thought.
    I think it would be good to see a cartoon like this and you already have the cute goldfish.
    I think it would have a lot of potential as a popular cartoon,because who doesn’t feel alienated like a fish in a bowl in modern society ?
    Maybe you could use the phrase “Think Outside of the Bowl” ?-)
    That’s why I have a picture of this fish on the sidebar of my blog
    And the phrase “”You can observe a lot just by watching” Yogi Berra” at the top of my blog.
    Anyway think about it…imagine the desk calendars you could sell to other bowling aloners.

    • Marti says:

      Wow, alot of thought. You don’t need me – you’ve got it all worked out – character, scene, tag lines. I’m running out of ideas so I’ll give it a bash. If I succeed I’ll let you know

      • Darren B says:

        Just think Garfield in a fishbowl.
        The beauty of a fish in a bowl is that you can move the fish around the house so it could observe and comment on things in a kitchen setting,baby’s room,living room and comment on TV Shows,music,video games and movies,magazine articles,or even place a fish in office settings for observations on office politics.
        I think people would relate to the goldfish in a bowl theme because alienation is becoming the new norm in society with computer screens,movie screens,windscreens and windows becoming the glass of our own personal fishbowls.
        This is the main reason people will identify with a character like that,because they are the fish swimming in the bowl of modern day life.

      • Marti says:

        Ok, you sold me. I’m working on it

    • Darren B says:

      Actually,after I found a sign in my cereal bowl yesterday
      and investigating runes and their meanings
      (something I have never been interested in before this morning BTW)
      I think Dagz would be a better name for the fish,as Dagaz is the last rune
      in the Elder Futhark
      Dagaz – “Day-gahz” – Literally: “Day” or Dawn – Esoteric: Awakening

      Rune of the hyper-consciousness. The process of concept becoming realized.

      Psi: paradoxical truth, incommunicable experience, conceptual realization, Enlightenment, satori

      Energy: twilight/dawn polarity, non-dual reality, unity, synthesis, transmutation

      Mundane: another day, daylight, the inevitability of dawn

      Divinations: Awakening, awareness, hope-happiness, the ideal, paradigm shift; or lack of vision, sleep, blindness, hopelessness, cataclysmic change.

      Plus that rune is shaped like a fish,or the in(fin)ity symbol.
      So Dagz would give a nod to the Hebrew name for fish (Dag),the crap that hangs underneath fish,a slang name for Doug or Darren
      (the fish version of Doug the dung-beetle?),and the rune Dagaz which has an interesting meaning that could well relate to a goldfish’s observations on life ?

      Just some more (fish)food for thought .-)

      • Marti says:

        Thanks for all the fish thoughts and research. I must admit, I like fish, but more so b/c I find them easier to draw (I’m lazy)….my soft spot is for dung beetles, dinosaurs and aliens – I think I’m reliving my childhood through my drawings.

      • Darren B says:

        No worries…but if you ever change mind feel free to use any ideas above.

  3. Darren B says:

    I’d wish you luck,but looking through your past cartoons you won’t need it,because you have plenty of talent,You’re already as good as the big league’s cartoonists.
    You’d fit in right among B.C and Peanuts no problem.

  4. Marti, you rock! And so do your cute little friends.

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