The human legacy

Where unwanted rubbish ends up

4 Comments on “The human legacy”

  1. Dr Patrick G Tuohey says:

    I think the Aussie male would evolve into a live Ute.

    Keep up the good work

    regards pgt

    ps. Is our schedule still on daylight saving time?

  2. Okay, so what the heck’s an ute? Is a stubby a beer bottle in Australia like it is in Canada? I had a guinea pig named Stubby. I loved the cartoon, but I’m confused about the comments. Hehe.

    • Marti says:

      A ute is a car with the back part cut out and replaced with a large tray (a bit like an elevated trailer). Trades people tend to have utes as they can easily store all their trade gear and the obligatory working dog. 🙂
      PS. didn’t think anyone read the comments.

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