A funny thing happened on the way back from the bathroom last week

…I collapsed and ended up in hospital for 3 days. I was eventually diagnosed with labyrinthitus, but not before undertaking a CAT scan, MRI and other various diagnostic tests.

This is what I learnt about the CAT scan.



20 Comments on “A funny thing happened on the way back from the bathroom last week”

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    So sorry to hear that! Glad everything turned out okay, although the dizziness from labyrinthitis is no fun. Neither is holding still in a loud, clanking MRI machine…

  2. Grumpy says:

    Hope you are okay? Haven’t lost your sense of humour anyway!

  3. eremophila says:

    I wish for you a complete recovery. Your depiction of a CAT scan is exactly as I remember mine from some years ago – I walked out feeling that what was left of my brain had been rearranged…..

  4. Sorry to hear you’re not well. I hope you are feeling 100% real soon!

  5. SAMIAM says:

    Get better soon! And I always did think cat scans were as depicted ….. SAMIAM

  6. visualhumor says:

    I second the get well wishes. Glad to see you have your humor back.

  7. Stella says:

    Hey! I hope you’re starting to feel more normal (well as normal as you ever were anyway!). CT scan on my knee a couple of weeks ago didn’t look half as cool as the way you drew it.

  8. Hope you are on the mend! Hugs from Canada! Wouldn’t the dog scan be rather wet–all that slobber and stuff. Not to mention the dander. Yikes.

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