Black lemmings, black sheep?

Lemmings jumping the cliff


11 Comments on “Black lemmings, black sheep?”

  1. stripman says:

    Just as I always thought…;o)
    But the lemmings jumping of a cliff is a myth created by Disney…

  2. eremophila says:

    Love it!!!!!

  3. eremophila says:

    Reblogged this on Eremophila’s Musings and commented:
    Humour is a great approach!

  4. seeker says:

    I am the black sheep. Tee hee.

    • Marti says:

      You bored and surfing my website?
      PS. Black is the new cool

      • seeker says:

        No just wondering when you are posting again? This was the very first cartoon I found from someone else that I really liked.

      • Marti says:

        I’ve been slack, but busy doing other things. I’m having a cartoon exhibition at a local cafe in 2 weeks time, so madly trying to prepare, work full time and do family stuff (get out the violins)…anyway, more importantly I whipped up a cartoon in my lunch break today. You’ll see it in 7 hrs time

      • seeker says:

        I hear you. Well, at least you have exhibitions going not really off the air. Okeydok, I’ll sit still and wait. BTW. I will be promoting this black sheep soon.

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