Darwin strikes out at the dinosaurs again

The end is nigh resulting in the extinction of the dinoaurs

Nothing like a dinosaur extinction conspiracy. For long time subscribers, you will recall the ongoing cartoons in this war between Charles Darwin on the theory of evolution and survival of the fittest and the humble dinosaur.  But for newbies, here are the reasons for extinction so far.

#1 Darwin tests the dinosaurs by playing go fetch

#2 Darwin explores the impact an exploding volcano on the population of dinosaurs

#3 Darwin takes on the dinosaurs, with his sights set on the lemming too

#4 Darwin returns to the distress of the dinosaurs who are still trying to understand the theories of evolution

#5 Darwin teams up with the fat lady because it’s all over when she starts singing

#6 Darwin’s evolution theory is possibly related climate

#7 Darwin and the evil pink aliens

#8 Dinosaurs take to the sky in order to even up the score with Darwin


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