Warning: Extreme grafitti hitting the streets

Giraffiti: Vandalism at extreme height

You may recall a previous cartoon on the Mensa Invitational Word Play Competition, where I drew the new word Hipatitis.  Well, it’s taken me that long to come up with another one from this competition – Giraffiti.  The cartoon was so obvious, it flashed in my mind as soon as I read it. My dilemma then started when I had to actually find an example of this extreme graffiti at soaring heights. This is the best I could achieve in the end, after weeks of searching (just a casual eye whilst driving the streets of Melbourne – I do have a life you know). It eventually occurred to me, that for a graffiti artist, you simply can’t erect your scaffolding to create your next piece of work, as it would obviously draw unwanted attention.

If you find an example of giraffiti in your city, I would be really grateful if you would share it with me.


2 Comments on “Warning: Extreme grafitti hitting the streets”

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