Miss Universe Pageant found to be rigged

A pageant wouldn’t be a pageant without a bit of controversy and gossip.

  • Miss USA Mary Leona Gage was disqualified in the 1957 finals as she was both married and a mother. Somehow, she had passed through unnoticed of her status all the way into the semi finals
  • In 2000 the Miss Australia entrant was chosen by a modelling agency to represent Australia (pageants had stopped as they were considered out of tune with the times). Although not against the rules, this was  frowned upon, as the intent is to have winners from in country competitions compete in the Miss Universe.  Ironically, the then chosen entrant, Jennifer Hawkins, went on to win the title in 2004.

2 Comments on “Miss Universe Pageant found to be rigged”

  1. Very funny! (And, I love that TV!)

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