Vote with your feet

Last week I experienced an almost similar scenario. If my feet could have walked out on me they would have.

First I subjected them to a new pair of boots, to only create two blisters which grew and popped on both heels within 20 minutes of commencing my walk to work. Next, a friend at work offered a pair of other shoes to get me home in. They ended up being so tight across the toes that my toes cramped up. Somehow I managed to hobble to my car. The joy continues the following day with only one pair of shoes in my wardrobe that didn’t kill my heels. Unfortunately they were summer styled (winter at present) with exposed toes, so I couldn’t hide my white legs behind stockings (Well I could, but then the stocking and sandal look is somewhere even I am not willing to go to).  Again, I trekked to work, only to have the sling back fall lose, resulting in a pair of clogs, which wouldn’t have been that bad, if it was not for the fact they were high heels, so they clip clapped all day long.

Today I’m wearing sensible unfashionable sneakers.


3 Comments on “Vote with your feet”

  1. crubin says:

    And yet more confirmation on why I stick with boring but sensible shoes. Your poor little tootsies!

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