What is your version of hell?

Under normal circumstances this would be my version of hell, but a couple of years ago when we holidayed in Rio I was on a mission to hear the song during my travels. Surprisingly I didn’t have to go far or do anything special. I heard that song 3 times in one day!

I can tell that you’re now humming away silently. Well click here and chillax to Astrud Gilberto.  I also found this interesting write up on the story behind the song. Such a great hit at the time, it became the second most popular recorded song – just behind The Beetles ‘Yesterday’.


5 Comments on “What is your version of hell?”

  1. crubin says:

    Ewww, any screechy pop tune might do that to me. You know the kind–you like them for the first few listens, and then after a million plays or so, your patience runs thin. 🙂

  2. You mentioned Astrud Gilberto and that reminded me of a story I heard about her first husband, Joao Gilberto. Apparently, his father couldn’t comprehend that his son wanted to be a musician, so he had him commited to a mental hospital. They tested him and then let him out (according to Wikipedia, after a week). I think that must have been hellish!

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