Here Fido – Fetch!

And you guessed it, the topic for today is the boomerang.  Some boomerang facts you might not have known:

  1. Boomerangs are not solely native to Australia – Boomerangs have been found world-wide, including Egypt.  Our favourite pharaoh, King Tut possessed a few boomerangs, some  plated in gold – now that’s my kind of stick!
  2. Not all boomerangs are designed to return – there are two types: ‘returning’ and ‘hunting’. The non returning ‘hunting’ variety are typically used to knock down the prey and travel straight, rather than curved.
  3. The oldest ever found boomerang is about 30,000 years old and was found in a cave in Poland. It was made from a mammoth’s tusk
  4. The smallest boomerang to travel over 20m was weeny s a teeny-48mm

4 Comments on “Here Fido – Fetch!”

  1. Funny and fascinating!

  2. harold says:

    Very good. 10 /10

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