Evil aliens

It was time for some new aliens – evil ones – dressed is hot pink with bright purple feathers and a cigarette hanging half out their mouth.

And did you know Jupiter is a giant gas planet? I used to think all planets were just giant rocks, some with water if you were lucky like earth.  Jupiter is made up predominantly of hydrogen (about 90%) and helium (9%) with a few sprinklings of some other elements.

And for those scientifically minded people out there, I know there are some errors in science within the making of this cartoon, but hey, that’s what’s great cartooning is all about – bending of the truth!

So, here’s the puzzle for the day. I can think of 2 obvious scientific errors – can you guess what they are? (I’ll post the answer, next time I post the adventures of these two new characters)


12 Comments on “Evil aliens”

  1. Grumpy says:

    Dear Just Inside The Box,
    If the aliens are smoking, presumably they breath oxygen? It follows then that the open porthole of the spacecraft would result in their swift demise, and not from lung cancer?! The discarded cigarette stub would not stay lit in the vacuum of space to ignite Jupiter?
    Grumpy x

  2. Grumpy says:

    PS Love your cartoons!

  3. crubin says:

    #1 The planet couldn’t burn because there is no oxygen in outer space.
    #2 If those cute little critters would have opened the spaceship to toss out the butt, they would have been sucked out as well.

    Am I right?

    But it’s called poetic license for a reason. 🙂

    • Crubin,
      Yep to #1, as an engineer who used to work in a petroleum refinery we were taught about the fire triangle – to have a fire you need 3 things: Fuel, ignition source and oxygen (not much oxygen hanging around Jupiter).

      #2 – hadn’t thought about that one, but I guess, assuming they were at a high pressure (say equivalent to earth’s average 1 atmosphere), and they open up their vessel to a low pressure (space is as close to a vacuum that exists, but not totally), they would go with the flow from high to low pressure. You probably didn’t want such a lengthy analysis, but there you go, the engineer couldn’t help herself.

      Anyway, as I mentioned to another commenter (Grumpy), I can think of another one – but I think it is a bit tricky to guess. Hint: think chemicals

  4. Troy says:

    As the warning signs appear to be in a stationary orbit, it is unlikely that the butt would fall to Jupiter, but would likewise remain in a permanent orbit.

    But since you wanted a chemical based answer:

    The large proportion of hydrogen would mean the oxidation product would be water (as in fuel cells), not SMOKE. People have been known on occasion to blow smoke up Uranus, but that is the exception not the rule.

  5. My thoughts:
    1 – The Great Red Spot on Jupiter should be on the southern hemisphere, unless the aliens are flying upside down (relative to the Earth’s orbit) and heading towards Australia.
    2 – Aliens in “hot pink and purple feathers” always fly in fuchsia-coloured spaceships. (By the way, I love the shark inspired spaceship!)

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