Elephant tight rope walking – not as hard as you would imagine

I remembered being taught about the 5 senses at school. I was surprised to discover that in the mean time scientists have added another 5 to the list.

  1. Balance and acceleration
  2. Temperature
  3. Kinesthetic sense
  4. Pain
  5. Other internal senses – a sense which is stimulated within the body
And to top that off, some animals have some really cool senses, we humans lack
  1. Electroreception – able to detect electric fields (some fish, sharks and dolphins)
  2. Magnetoception – able to detect direction using the earth’s magnetic field (typically observed in birds – so that’s how migratory birds do it!)
  3. Pressure detection – within the gas bladder organ of a fish to help it regulate buoyancy
  4. Current detection – enables fish to navigate, hunt and hang around in schools
  5. Polarized light direction – an orientation ability found in bees, helping them to navigate on cloudy days
  6. Slit sensillae – enables a spider to detect mechanical strain in the exoskeleton, helping them to sense force and vibration

Check out Wiki for definitions and examples


2 Comments on “Elephant tight rope walking – not as hard as you would imagine”

  1. Dave says:

    That’s actually really interesting about the five extra senses. That’ll change the way I think about things, for sure.

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