That’s just cheesy

I came up with the cartoon drawing before thinking of cheese names. I then found out that not all cheeses fit in text wise into the teeny, weeny sign I created.  So off the Wiki I went, in search of cheese names. True to Wiki form, I found a list of different cheeses (why someone would go to the trouble of creating something like this, I don’t know). Anyway, I learnt two new cheeses:

Skyr and Oka. The Ukraines came through with the former cheese, their version of a cottage type cheese. The latter is Canadian, and has origins back to the Tappist monks from Oka, Quebec.


5 Comments on “That’s just cheesy”

  1. stripman says:

    Nice to see two Dutch names up there…;o)

  2. stripman says:

    Oh, yes they do ! And Gouda and Edam are not that far from where I live…

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