Just a drop in the ocean

Ever had a feeling of deja vu? Well, maybe you’ll get this feeling if you decide to continue reading.  Below is the final version (not the Draft I inadvertently sent out last week!)

It is with excitement that I graciously accept the Awesome Blog Content (ABC) blogger award, kindly bestowed upon me by Crubin from The Write Transition.  As per the rules, I need to describe myself using every letter in the alphabet, then pass on the award onto at least another 6 bloggers.

  1. A – Angelic
  2. B – Beautiful
  3. C – Caring
  4. D – Don’t believe all that you read, especially the above
  5. E – Engineer – mechanical discipline
  6. F – Fascinated with all things scientific, weird and unusual
  7. G – Grateful to receive this award
  8. H – Half cup full – most of the time
  9. I – Industrial design degree. Prior to getting my engineering degree, I got one in Industrial design. I think this is why people see me as a frustrated engineer – always trying to address form (and colour) prior to function.
  10. JJust outside the box in my cartooning, as in, not too far outside
  11. K – Klever (hey, I’m en engineer, I can’t spell)
  12. L – Like receiving lots of ‘likes’ on my blog and Facebook page. Thanks for your support!
  13. M – Mum of 2 kids
  14. N – Never give up
  15. O – Over 30, just 😉
  16. P – Pink, my favourite colour at the moment
  17. Q – Quite difficult to think of anything else to say, but here goes
  18. R – Really good at not giving up and persevering not matter what
  19. S – Snails. As a child my sister caught me ‘eating’ a garden snail. In my defence, I still protest to this day that her evidence is purely circumstantial. Yes, I was sitting amongst cluster of garden snails. Yes, I had one in my hand. Yes, there was a slight slobbery gleam drooling from my mouth. But No, no one saw a snail in my mouth.
  20. T – Terrible singer
  21. U – Urban city slicker
  22. V – Very grateful that there are only 4 more letters left in the alphabet
  23. W – Walking the dogs with the kids is one of the great enjoyments in my life
  24. X – X-rayed twice as a child for fractured bones
  25. Y – Yellow makes me look sickly
  26. Z – Zumba. I love taking Zumba classes and dancing around like a girlie.

And as part of the tradition, I now bestow upon the following 6 bloggers the ABC blogger award.

  1. The Blog of Funny names where unusual names are celebrated for their uniqueness
  2. Wrong Hands, a delightful one panel cartoon blog
  3. GD Konstantine’s blog capturing thoughts, photos, reviews and links
  4. CJDelling a German Comedian with a cartoon blog. You would think this an oxymoron, but I saw her last Sunday perform live and she was great
  5. Therapy Tales is a cartoon blog about ‘avoiding eye contact’. You’ll get the tagline, when you see the pictures.
  6. The Owl and the Pussy Cat is a cartoon series about the beloved animals from the famous Edward Lear poem. Unlike the poem, they are 21st century and get up to all sorts of modern-day antics

10 Comments on “Just a drop in the ocean”

  1. crubin says:

    I would not have guessed a scientific engineer type to prefer the color pink. Way to shatter stereotypes. 🙂

  2. WG says:

    Thanks Marti! 🙂
    And well done you on getting both the award and through the entire alphabet 🙂


  3. Funny, smart, generous and an engineer! And, you went through the entire alphabet… Wow, you really are klever!

  4. Bob T Panda says:

    I don’t know whether to be insulted or relieved that you didn’t bestow this award on me…no please…I couldn’t …really……(no, really) I sometimes think that we are passing these awards back and forth between the same 100 blogs. (not for a moment do I think you don’t deserve an award. I was very excited the first time I got one, but after the third or fourth…..)

  5. Hugh Howard says:

    Struggling with “angelic”
    H xx
    ps hello from a very wet London

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