Walk like an Egyptian Flip Toon

You’ll have to click here to see the cartoon today – it’s on You Tube!

I’m very excited to release my very first ‘Flip Toon’.

‘What the flip is is a Flip Toon?’ I hear you ask. Well it’s a Marti’ism. It combines those hand made flip books that show an animation (remember them from your childhood?) with a cartoon. I daren’t call it an animation, that would be too brash, for what I consider to be a modest extension to the cartoon media.

I hope to make more, but first I’ll need to recover from this experience. My hat goes out to those very talented people, who rightfully call themselves animators.  It just about sent me over the edge making this – but that’s another story, probably a whole new blog…but I digress.

I hope you enjoy it.


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