It’s a neutrino vs photon war

No sooner, do I post a cartoon on the amazing speed of Neutrinos, then things all change.

It looks like the Photons are fighting back, supporting Einstein and his theory on relativity and claiming the prize for being the fastest in the Universe.  CERN released a press statement in February indicating that a faulty cable may be the reason for the faster than light speed measurements taken from our little friends the Neutrinos. See the UK Daily Mail for a non  scientific explanation. (I decided not to link the official CERN site press release as it was a bit heavy reading, but possibly more technically precise).


3 Comments on “It’s a neutrino vs photon war”

  1. Bob T Panda says:

    It never fails…just when you do a cartoon satirizing something, a news story shows up to either contradict you, or to prove your point.

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