Ring, ring. Anyone home?

And a few facts about Mr Alexander Graham Bell you may not be familiar with:

  • Alexander Bell was born Scotland 1847. At the age of ten he asked his father to give him a middle name (like his brothers). On his 11th birthday he had a birthday ceremony and was given the middle name of Graham (chosen in honour of a family friend called Alexander Graham).
  • He was a founding member of the National Geographic Society
  • Before inventing the telephone, his career was following his father’s footsteps as a teacher of the deaf
  • Ironically, Bell never had a telephone in his study
  • Bell died in 1922 and at the end of his funeral service, all the telephones in North America were silenced in remembrance of the great man.

3 Comments on “Ring, ring. Anyone home?”

  1. Bob T Panda says:

    Can you imagine all the telephones being silenced today? Even for a second? Have you ever tried to get your friends off the phone while you are having coffee together?

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