Cunning elephants

Well really, you can hardly blame Ed Elephant for researching on the web how best to plan an escape from prison.

A quick Google will inform you that not only is dynamite made from peanuts, but the inventor of this explosive was Alfred Nobel who applied for a patent in 1866 (I love old documents so had to add the link). He made his wealth from this invention, amongst various other inventions totalling an astonishing 355. On his death, he died extremely wealthy and this enabled him to set up the Nobel Peace prize (must be a way of offsetting the bad name one could get from creating something that can be both useful or extremely destructive when in the wrong hands). For a basic chemistry lesson on the derivation from peanut to dynamite, check out this link.


7 Comments on “Cunning elephants”

  1. crubin says:

    Ha! Thanks for the interesting factoid. A laugh that comes with a bit of education is always a good deal in my book. 🙂

  2. Bob T Panda says:

    What a clever heffalump! Don’t let the panda kindergarten see this cartoon!

  3. Apparently Nobel never forgave himself for the death of his brother in an explosion in their dynamite/nitroglycerin factory! Maybe that’s why he set up the peace prize?

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