Black hole

OK, maybe I’m just slightly milking this cartoon ‘sign’ series (Sign #1, Sign #2). So if you want more diverse material, why not ‘submit a joke’ on my website.  Click here to fly through cyber space and land on the ‘Submit a joke’ page

2 Comments on “Black hole”

  1. I think the signs are funny, especially when you see them one after the other. Hmm… perhaps an animated movie is in Bill and Ben’s future…

    • Thanks GD. I must confess I have a few more up my sleeve, so I’ll feel better about publishing them shortly.
      On the ‘mmm’ front 3 weeks ago I started the animation journey. All I’ll say for now is that technology is wonderful in what it enables you to do these days, but it also can be the stumbling block which hampers progression (well, I’ll rephrase – my lack of technological IT capability). Stay tuned, I’m determined and still on the journey and will release a very modest animation this year. Marti

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