Does size of brain indicate size of intelligence?

I thought I’d come up with a clever new unit of measure here, only to find that there have been legitimate scientific studies in this area already. (Wiki provides a quick overview) Admittedly, I’d heard of the notion, but never thought anyone would get funding research into it.

I have a small confession to make, but only to those special people who bother reading beyond the cartoon. My first version plotted both male and female, at different positions on the graph. In the interest of not losing subscribers (I had the potential to upset on average 50% of my subscribers), I decided to change it. Say no more, I’ll let you guess who was placed where.


11 Comments on “Does size of brain indicate size of intelligence?”

  1. W. R. Woolf says:

    Love the alien πŸ™‚

  2. Bob T Panda says:

    I am always amazed that when I come up with some idea that I think is really absurd, that the thing exists in “the real world” I think it means that cartoonists are geniuses. Wouldn’t you agree? (PS where are pandas on your scale? above cats, right?)

    • Bob, I like the way you think – yes, that’s it, we must be geniuses! Have no fear, the cat was placed deliberately there. In fact I thought of making the curve exponential (or even better, logarithmic) just to emphasise it’s close proximity to fish and his mates.

      PS. I’ve called you Bob all this time, so unless you mind I’ll continue to do so, unless of course, I’ve been communicating with Bob T Panda and he’s been forwarding any essential messages to your lovely self.

      • Bob T Panda says:

        Actually, I love being addressed as “Bob” and he is so kind as to pass on any appropriate message to me, unless of course the panda kindergarten gets them first. Then, well,… need I say more. Also Bob has his own face book page, while I do not, though he lets me post things there sometimes. Who knows why my alter ego is a male panda, rather than say, Babette de Panda (who also has her own face book page, which I highly recommend – just tell her “Bob” sent you.) but that’s the way it is! I have most of my facebook friends trained to address Bob and not the girl with the rapidograph!

      • Just visited Facebook and left my stamp with Bob. I can see Babette has quite an active wall as well. So tell me, I wanted separate authors (Bill and Ben) for my Facebook page. Did you just set up Babette as an new individual – have any problems with data fields (e.g.: same email address etc)?

      • Bob T Panda says:

        Actually, Babette “belongs” to my friend Victory, and she just set up a new page as an individual. Don’t do it as a “fan page” or Imaginary character page unless that’s what you really want. Babette was set up as new individual, which gives much more “scope to the imagination” as far as getting into the mind of your character. When they become more real, you would be amazed at what comes out of their little cartoon mouths. I swear I don’t know where half the stuff that any of my characters say. Sort of more stream of consciousness cartooning, I would say.
        Be the Bear,
        Bob T.

  3. crubin says:

    My family loves to tease me about this concept, because my head is so small in proportion to theirs. If I didn’t have big hair, I’d be a virtual pinhead. So with that in mind, I’m absolutely convinced that head size in no way correlates to intelligence. And if science shows it’s true, I will avoid those studies like the plague πŸ™‚

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