So long and thanks for the fish

Who would have thought that the humble message in a bottle idea could spark so many ideas and interpretations? I Googled the phrase for fun and came up with businesses selling messages in a bottle (weddings, messages of love – you name it), of course who could forget the song by the Police, and then there are the real life stories of people finding messages in a bottle.

I found this one particularly interesting – an interview with message in a bottle hobbiest Harold Hackett. The green in me couldn’t help but wonder how many seals and whales also found one of his 4,800 bottles.

And on the competition front, things are starting to rev up with 9 entries to date.  Have you never won anything in your life? Well, with odds like this, things are looking pretty good for winning. Go on, lay your wit on the table and enter now. Click here to enter.


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