Here boy. Fetch!

‘Arrgh!’ Apologies for the typo in the last posting.  (If you replace ‘seeing’ with ‘wearing’ it might make a bit more sense. The link on the site has been updated). In my defence, I offer the fact that I is engineer and us enginiers are not known for our grammatical prowess.  However, engineers are known for their ability to apply logic and process and as such I have added the new process of independent proof reading prior to posting.  The newly appointed proof reader comes highly qualified with a masters of science! (definitely one up on the humble engineer).

2 Comments on “Here boy. Fetch!”

  1. Helen Jones says:

    Excellant – I really needed something to lift the spirits on a monday morning. Move over farside!
    As for spelling – I understand (being an engineer myself) its just an afliction we have to live with.

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