Snottite – that can’t be a real word

Perhaps a limited audience for this cartoon, as snottites are probably not common knowledge (it’s never a good start when you have to explain your cartoons, but I’m rather attached to it).  I first heard of their existence by watching the Wonders of the Universe/Solar System documentaries by Prof Brian Cox.

So what do these little suckers looks like?  Well, as you can imagine their name was inspired by their appearance – check out these snottite photos and for more info read the NASA website’s article.


One Comment on “Snottite – that can’t be a real word”

  1. irene zeitler says:

    hey, you need to slow down. I cant keep up with all this creativity. Seriously though, i think they are great cartoons. Why dont you send a few to some newspapers and publishers. You never know and it cant hurt!

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